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Measurable Increase in Efficiency

IT Management in Line with ITIL

Process standardisation, more efficiency and transparency: In order to achieve these goals, an increasing number of companies decide to align their IT processes to ITIL. This best-practice framework provides a standardised methodology and terminology for effective and transparent IT service and support processes.

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We help you put your strategy into practice, whether it is process optimisation or the implementation of new processes: work with plan42 ITIL experts to develop an ITIL-compliant IT Service Management (ITSM) for continuous monitoring and improvement of your service quality. We are happy to accompany you through all phases of the project; our modular service range, however, allows you to also select individual components as needed.

1 Analysing Your Status

We work with you to define business objectives from which we derive the objectives for the project. Self-assessments are used to analyse the ITIL conformity of your current IT Service Management processes. As a result you receive a detailed report, which also contains no-obligation recommendations for optimisation.

2 Developing Your Concept

Based on the analysis we help you develop an ITIL-compliant ITSM concept. In addition to the objectives from step 1, we determine precise, quantifiable metrics ("key performance indicators" - KPI and "critical success factors" - CSF) for you to monitor your results.

3 Implementing Your Strategy

A key factor for the successful implementation of your ITIL strategy is to raise the awareness of your employees. To this end, we offer workshops in which we familiarise your IT staff with the ITIL processes. Thus, we ensure that all aspects relevant for your success are taken into account during implementation.

4 Monitoring Your Results

Ongoing process monitoring and optimisation is crucial for your company to ensure the sustainable success of your ITIL strategy. After successful ITIL implementation, we help you monitor your progress and results based on the defined KPIs and CSFs.

And what can we do for you?

Would you like to learn more about our services? Please download our service description "ITIL & ISO 20000", or feel free to contact us.