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ISMS Gap Analysis

Your First Steps towards Best-Practice Security

ISMS Gap Analysis As a Status Overview

A status overview provides you with valuable information in all stages of security standard implementation. While IT security audits are assessments designed for companies that have already implemented security concepts based on a specific framework, our ISMS gap analyses are suitable for companies that have just taken a few steps in this direction or do not yet have an ISMS (Information Security Management System) established in their IT organisations

An ISMS gap analysis performed by the experienced Security Consultants at plan42 helps you find out which of your organisation's processes and technologies already comply with the requirements of relevant standards and which areas require additional measures. Our no-obligation analysis based on ISO 27001 helps you spot weaknesses and implement targeted and economic controls.

1 Kick-off

A kick-off meeting prior to the gap analysis serves for us to clarify with you in detail all general project conditions, such as the test objects, contact persons, and the schedule for the gap analysis.

2 Questionnaire

In the following step, we provide you with a detailed questionnaire. It covers all security-relevant aspects of your IT-organisation such as management, human resources, networks, physical infrastructure and many more. Your answers to the questions will form the information base for the on-site check in step 3.

3 On-Site Check

Random on-site inspections and spot checks of your documents and data allow us to determine the current security status of your IT organisation

4 Report

A detailed report describes your security situation in comparison with international standards and provides no-obligation recommendations for optimisation.

5 Presentation

In addition to the report, a final presentation summarises our findings and suggestions.

And what can we do for you?

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