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IT Security Management

Individual Consulting Services for Your Information Security

IT Security Management: an Oportunity

IT Security Management is by no means an issue that only global players need to deal with. Various national and international regulations and, if nothing else, your own competitiveness require sophisticated strategies that ensure information security within the company.

However, IT Security Management investments often show results in other contexts as well: Process optimization, cost reduction as well as increased client and partner confidence are just a few examples of positive side effects that the implementation of security controls may trigger.

Developing a security concept provides numerous opportunities for your company - the security consultants at plan42 support you during all phases of your project by providing tailored consulting services based on the best-practice PDCA model:

1 Identifying the Threat

What are the specific threats to information security in your company? The answer to this question is the starting point of the project.

2 Assessing the Risk

How high is the risk of the threats? What happens in case of an occurrence? Starting from these questions, we develop risk assessment metrics with you.

3 Deriving Measures

Based on the metrics, we develop an information security concept that includes not only technical but also organisational and infrastructural aspects.

4 Implementing the Concept

We provide advice on the implementation of the developed measures as well as appropriate training and workshops for your employees.

5 Monitoring the Results

Using the defined metrics, we monitor and measure the progress and success of your new IT Security Management concept.

6 Optimising Your Strategy

We help you monitor the project results to identify potential weaknesses and derive recommendations to improve your information security strategy.

Standards for IT Security Management

Internationally recognised frameworks such as ISO 27001 offer standardised approaches facilitating the introduction of IT Security Management. We are happy to help you select the appropriate approach and accompany you through all stages of the project.

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